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Pitt River Dyke, Pitt MeadowsGet Direction
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Tues September 21 2021

I can see for miles and miles

I can see for miles and miles

Ducks and Geese and Friends Await

A variety of animals live in the Pitt Wilderness Management Area, including geese, ducks, Ospreys, Great Blue Herons, eagles, and other mammals such as beavers, deer, and bears. During the late spring, you may see geese and ducks protecting their young goslings from predators. During the evening, beavers can occasionally be spotted swimming along the shore of the dikes.

Just before reaching the mountains and some buildings, the dike meets with a connecting dike. Some older maps of the area show a trail that goes along the mountains that starts just beyond the buildings. However, these trails have been deactivated years ago and cannot be accessed anymore. However, the dikes are still accessible and offer views just as nice as those along the mountains.


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