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Nature Dyke Trail, Pitt MeadowsGet Direction
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Tuesday October 3 2023

Walking in Circles

Walking in Circles

A cold breeze touches the face, I smile

Ringed by the distant snowy peaks of the Cascade mountains to the north and a patchwork of lush lowland marshes to the southeast, Pitt Lake is an idyllic spot burgeoning with spectacular views, glimpses of wildlife, and a deep, serene silence that is all too hard to find these days.

Dog-and-bicycle friendly, the Nature Dyke Trail is a flat, easy 6km loop that starts from the very northern tip of the Pitt Lake parking lot, near the canoe rental shed encircles a portion of the Pitt-Addington Marsh. You can opt to start out heading south on the trail through a green, leafy path or east along an open, sun-drenched gravel road (no vehicles permitted).


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